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Her hand touched my arm and she started rubbing my forearm and bicep.

Then she said, “I find many, many ways to make myself happy.”“Is that right? She let go of my arm and replied while looking directly in my eyes, “Many ways.

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Her parents were Mexican and she grew up in Southern California. She had dark brown hair, almost black, big brown eyes, and a body to die for. At this party, Maria had a curve hugging red dress on that emphasized her big, round breasts and great ass.

I stammered a little and replied, “I didn’t mean any disrespect.

We just can’t figure out how he got someone like you to marry him.”She smiled a big smile and asked, “Someone like me? You’re smoking hot.”She was clearly enjoying the attention.

I added, “And Gary,” that was her husband and my boss’ name, “is so…..

I don’t know how to be polite here.”“You don’t have to be polite,” she answered.The countless times I would ask him how he wanted a situation handled without any reasonable response was exhausting.